Go for It, Champ!

A woman feeling scared and unprepared before she has a baby. A med student about to do their first surgery. A teen before they get their license and a cosmetologist as she does her first clients hair. What do all of these have in common?

Each of these examples are what we face almost everyday. Its the question of, “am I ready for the next step? Because I don’t think I am yet” and “maybe I just need more time/practice/patience/etc.” We push off these things because of the fear of the unknown and doubting our own ability. And I get it…it can be scary and worse yet, all the self-doubt hits you like a ton of bricks. But then God reminds us, “I gave you these abilities for a reason! I want you to take the next step. Trust me.” God isn’t asking for you to sit still and ponder the ‘what ifs’. Instead, He is telling you that taking that next step IS the confirmation that you are ready for it!

My advice to you is…go for it! Be brave! Taking that next step is the step, letting you know that you are ready and you had it all along! And if you need more encouragement than that, well, you know where to find me (:



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