God vs. satan - what are you feeling? #life #quote

There may be many different reasons why people don’t believe in God. Some of the reasons are: they think its all a load of crap, they believe more in science & evolution (refer to my past post about this), believe in another idol, their culture forbids it, their government forbids it and the list goes on and on. But one of the largest reasons that people shy away from God is that they don’t think God could ever love or forgive them for what they have done in the past.

Let us assume that is what is holding you back right now- fear that God would reject you because of your past mistakes. Well let me tell you friend, you fell into the trap of the enemy. God has made it perfectly clear that He will love and forgive you no matter what. One example is in Psalm, “But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared.” You may think to yourself, God could never forgive me for what I did to my spouse, boss, with drugs, abuse, etc but, those thoughts do not come from God. If you give in to those thoughts, we have lost. There is a constant war going on each and every day; good vs. evil, God vs the enemy. When we believe that we cannot be loved, or forgiven, or worthy, we have given in and let the enemy win. Stand strong in this war and know that you are worthy, loved, beautiful and forgiven because God, your Father, told you so and tries to tell you each and everyday. Its a nasty and hard cycle each day, though, I know. Let me lay out a scenario: Susie went to Target and was planning on buying a bunch of things but was short on cash when she went to the self-check out. She quickly glanced over her shoulder and decided to throw that eyeliner in her bag without paying for it. Susie walked out of there feeling so paranoid and guilty that she doubted she’d ever return to that Target. In that moment, she was ashamed about how God would feel about her and worse, she heard whispers of, “I’m a terrible person”, “God could never forgive me” and “that was kind of fun though right? Let’s try something bigger next time.” Don’t let him win the war-God is waiting for you with his arms wide open, regardless of what you have done. It’s the enemy who is trying to convince you that you are not good enough for Him but God is saying, and I paraphrase, “That is just not right. I sent my only son to die for you because regardless of what happened in your life (mistakes, sins, failures), I love you.” Talk to Him today, He has been waiting!




Let’s talk about sin baby


When was the last time you sinned? For me, it was probably eight minutes ago when I said sh*t to the TV. Have you ever really thought about that? It’s easy to point at others and know when they sinned but how about for yourself? Most people only think about sin as homosexuals, cheating, stealing and lying.  After those, people have a easy time deciding what isn’t a sin and what is a sin based on their personal beliefs. They justify it in the moment with: I didn’t mean to do that, it was an accident, God would understand, everyone does it… This works the opposite way too. For example, what are your personal beliefs about biracial couples? Tread lightly! You then look into the Bible and pick out what you want to hear from it (and not always what the meaning was) because it may make you feel comfortable or right in your thoughts.

Instead of pointing fingers at others about how terrible they are and the level of their sin- remember John 1:8-10, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” The conclusion here is a sin, is a sin, is a sin. Homosexual. Cheater. Liar. Trash talker. Swearer. Talking bad about someone. Sin is equal in Gods eyes and regardless of the sin you, I, him, her do. The great news is we are forgiven! Praise Jesus! Just like 1 John 1:9 reconfirms, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” And at the end of the day, our brothers and sisters are not our enemy! We fight our enemy each and every day as he lurks in the darkness—remember that the next time you judge so harshly the gay couple holding hands, the husband who is lying, the teen who is smoking or the Venesotan who swears at her TV! We ALL sin!! Embrace it, you human!!!

“ Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” —Dr. Seuss


A long time ago someone said to me, “I want to be the same person in each environment- at work, church, at home with my family or out with my friends.” And I remember thinking, well who else would you be? But the older I got, the more I understand this and started to notice that I too wanted this. I would have a tough exterior in one setting but would be a soft, sensitive person in another environment. I began to question, “which is the real me?” and “why am I doing this?”

God’s word says, “Am I saying this now to win the approval of people or God? Am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be Christ’s servant.”

As I reflect on my own actions, I started to notice that I wasn’t the same person, for example, at work as I was at church and that really started to bother me. I took a hard dive into finding out which persona was the actual Venesotan. And while each of them may make up who I am, only one is my true self. I decided to morph each version and let the reining Erica immerge…what a relief! Think about how much effort goes into being mad at someone, telling a lie or pretending to be tough or maybe even happy; Well the same effort goes into being a certain type of person, one that doesn’t seem to “fit” or be “natural” to who you are. Why not cut all of the crap and be the one beautiful person God created you to be? Can I get an amen?!

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That Nasty Beast

Control is an evil monster whose goal is to come into your life and tell you how to think, live and move. Control is the enemy, who has masked herself (#feminism) as your brain. Control is what makes us feel in charge of our own lives and makes us feel comfortable. But really…it is the cause of Stress and shows God that we do not trust him.

Lets flash back to the mind of Venesota a few weeks ago: (Cue flash back music) What will my next job look like? Well maybe if I get this job, I can move here. But from there, I would need to get this amount of money. And I need to leave the house at exactly 11:48, otherwise I’ll miss my train and lose my current job. Then on Saturday morning, I’m going to Target because I need to buy this present and if they don’t have it…. And oh my gosh, are you already exhausted from reading that? Because I’m exhausted trying to control everything in my life! What I’m getting at here is that I let this hideous beast come into my mind and try to take over, to control what was believed to be the best thing for me. And in actuality, what I was doing was telling God, “Oh, I got this. You can carry on with the other things you were doing. I know what my life should look like and better than you do.” Rough, huh?

Fast forward to this past week: I gave it all up to God. I thanked Him for loving me through my own stubbornness. I apologized for trying to control my destiny, I apologized for not being patient, I apologized for being imperfect and not coming to terms with it and I finally let go and gave it over to Him. And let me tell you…I feel 10 pounds lighter (not so much in the love handle area but in my anxiety level!)

The best things in life come when you let go. For instance, in the summer of 2015, I told God that I was giving up control of finding a partner or my “soulmate”. Months later, very unexpectedly, I met my husband. What can I say, we fell in love in a hopeless place. And now, after I gave up control of wondering what my next career move would be, He led me to a job in His line of work that had just opened up!

“Let go of your concerns! Then you will know that I am God. I rule the nations. I rule the earth.” Psalm 46:10


I have some very exciting news to share with you (cue drumroll)…I am a member of the choir at my church!! Close friends or family might wonder why on earth I would do this. For the rest of you, the GIF speaks for itself!

When times are tough, things aren’t going your way, the world seems to be against you, there is always one common denominator… God, or the lack thereof. In these situations, reflecting on where you stand with God and when the last time you had a daddy/daughter day or bro day might be a good indicator. People may assume that God loves us and that He is there to wait on us, answer our prayers and make each situation work out the way we want it to. But that isn’t how it works. Our relationship with God is no different than the relationship you have with your mom, best friend, or partner. Each of us have to put in the effort to get out positive results and work in our relationship with God, just like we would in those other relationships. In our everyday busy lives, its easy to play “God.” I am planning where I’m going to live, when I’m going to have children, when I’ll get that promotion, where I’ll be in five years and the list goes on-meanwhile, God’s chuckling saying “it’s cute they try.”

I know this is a problem. So what did I do? Take action! I joined the choir at church! I need to get back to Him because at the center is where I will find peace. Are you being active in your relationship with God? If not, start! Join a bible class, attend church, volunteer more often, have a random acts of kindness day, donate to charity, whatever it may be, do it! That’s the thing about God- He’ll patiently wait until you’re ready but its an equal partnership, so don’t forget your part!

Now, excuse me while I go practice my vocal cords (:

So you want to go out on your own, huh?


Where my entrepreneurs at? This ones for you!

Lately, I’ve been all hopped up on creating something new….but in the words of my friend Daymond John, “you can never create anything new. You can only re-brand something that already exsisted.” Thanks Daymond. Anyways, to better educate myself, I have been high on Shark Tank, NPR’s How I built this and all the books I can get my hands on. I’m not kidding..I’m reading more right now than I did in high school and college combined! From marketing strategies, financial advice, encouragement, tips and tricks, you would think all of those things should be enough to make you think you can go out there and fly. You get all excited about your idea/product/service/plan/app/etc and start thinking out the details. But wait…out of nowhere comes Eeyore, the not so lovable, gray cloud of pessimism that reminds you that you cannot do it. Good versus evil. God vs. well…you know who. Well screw that! Here are my tips of what you should do TODAY to make these dreams a reality!

  • Educate yourself!! Read, study, watch, listen, network-whatever you have to do to fully understand your industry, trends and competition! And remember friends, these things are FREE!! *or low cost
  • Write it down! If you don’t have all the details figured out, how are you going to explain it to someone else? Every time you’ve got a thought about it, WRITE IT! From daydreaming to logistics, it all matters!
  • Create a plan! When are you going to put this dream into action? renting a booth? calling a vendor? creating a mock up product? Writing this article? Put a deadline on these tasks, no matter how small they are!
  • Find support! Support ranges from friends & family all the way to financial support! Its great to have your buddies cheer you on and to help build and maintain that confidence (hooray you for taking this step!) but you also need financial support. KickStarter, anyone?
  • Go! You’ve completed steps 1-4, now DO IT! And because you may be a millennial…market it like no ones watching!!! Again, marketing can be free if you do it the right way!!

I now need to follow my own advice and fly like the bird I am. Who’s with me?!


Everyone, meet Sarah! Sarah is a beautiful young woman with an enormous talent—dancing! Sarah stayed with us for a night while she came to the Big Apple to audition for the opportunity of a lifetime. Realizing that Sarah traveled alone, had auditioned for a role that could change the course of her future and was younger, we felt that we needed to be her support system. While she was away, we decorated with banners, steamers, the whole works, to show her that what she did was couragous and worth celebrating, regardless of the outcome!

While Sarah’s talent may be obvious, a lot of us have gifts, passions and talents that are much more subtle. Would it be fair for all of us to dance like Sarah? Would it be special if we could all sing and dance like Beyonce? Write like Shakespeare? Be powerful like Susan B. Anthony? Wouldn’t it be boring and repetitive if we all could qualify for The Voice or skate like Rob Dyrdek? I’ll leave that to be rhetorical. While I may wish from time to time I could be like someone else or have a talent like someone else, God created us all with different skill sets and passions so that we could all compliment each other and make up the Body of Christ.

God hand selects talents, passions and skills for each person. And each person plays a part in the larger puzzle of the Body of Christ. Sarah makes up the thumb…she is a dancer, extrovert who loves learning. Beyonce is the wrist…she is a singer and dancer, with confidence for miles. Then you have Rob who is the pinkytoe. Rob is a skateboarder and entrepreneur who is rowdy and fun. You see, you need each and every one of these people and traits to make up the whole body. Remember the song? All the way from your head, down to your toes? Look at this verse to help clarify this, “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.” Also, “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;” For myself, I believe my talent is a quiet one; not outspoken like singing, dancing, skateboarding or protesting. My talent is that I have a love for God and I very much want to write about it. He has given me the talents and passion to be a writer and to be generous and compassionate with others. I am the bellybutton.

You can also take this concept and apply it to why we all look different. For example, I have light (some may even say pale) skin, blonde hair and green eyes. While my husband has brown skin, brown hair and brown eyes. I don’t know about you but I think it wouldn’t be as fun if everyone looked like me. Or him. We need a blend, a mix of all combinations to make up the Body of Christ. We all need to be different looking, acting, engaging, competing, reacting and living in different ways; that is the way God created it to be!! And if you are reading this saying “Well I haven’t discovered my God given talent or passion yet,” then my response would be…hang tight friend, you’re in for a fun ride!

And to not leave you all in suspense, our dear friend Sarah got selected and will be professionally dancing soon to come in Israel!! Can I get a Hallelujah?!